Purpose – Technologies that serve People first

At our company we deploy cutting edge technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable ordinary people lead peaceful and mindful lives. Most human minds want to be worry-less about digital privacy and consent risks, identity thieves, warranty expirations, arbitration default opt-ins and many more modern age threats and complexities.

We know you want to focus on what is near and dear, so we let you do more of that while our technology helps to take care of tedious and hideous reading tasks you must but prefer not to do.


We envision the future where people still do not read any of those lengthy legal documents like Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies, Security Policies, Arbitration Agreements, End-User License Agreements, Warranty Agreements and many others. But not because they do not want to or have no time and expertise to comprehend. Rather because they do not need to as long as our technology is doing it for them.

Collected, recorded, analyzed, categorized, compared and verified.


We are on a mission to make consumer consents and agreements safer, informed, transparent, technology-assisted and guarded in every aspect of life.


We focus on underserved consumer needs in screening numerous legal documents that are being signed and agreed to without much analysis or consideration of risks. We build solid ecosystem of mobile and desktop applications integrated with browser extensions and resident helpers to intercept the very moment when trouble can sneak into consumer’s life. We force it to knock loudly on the door and let a consumer stay in full control of that door.

We empower this technology assisted decision making with an army of artificial intelligent models in service that we build and iteratively improve.


We seek partnerships with all kinds of parties that can accompany us on the path to reaching our mission goal. Those are professional legal service providers, security tools and services vendors, privacy communities and advocates, insurance foundations, pioneers in the industry of safe personal data storage and stores. We partner with vendors who are willing to simplify consumers life when it comes to easier understanding of all strings attached to their products . We partner with science and research activists.

The Company

ALDABADA, INC. is a corporation registered in the State of Delaware, USA.