The One Contract™


We check for balance of your rights and obligations, your risks and benefits. We detect anomalies and unfavorable conditions. We simply keep it for you in an organized way and may remind you when the next action is due.

Want us to check if there is some space for negotiation? Let us do that initial contract screening for you!

Signing up for a new lease? Opening a new bank account? Qualified for a new credit card? Buying a car? Thinking about a mortgage? Do you already dream about those juicy pages of fine-prints and signatures? How about those you have already signed without thinking? Is it fair? Is it balanced? Do you get what you must? Do you do what you have obligations to do?

Let our tech go through all of that.

The One Contract™ may not provide you with legal advice, but we may tell you when you definitely need one.

The One Privacy™


Do you really want to worry each and every time you click that ‘Agree’ button? Just don’t! We will read and check it all for you. We will tell you if they do or about to do something you don’t want them to do with your data.

Do they track me? Do they listen to me? What do they collect? Why do they collect? How do they do it? Where does it stay? Do they store it safely and encrypted? Is it encrypted in transit? What do they do with it? Do they share it? With whom do they share it? Do they sell it? Can I see it? Can I change it? Can I get it back? Can I delete it? Are my kids safe using this? What if they loose it? What if they leak it? How are they liable? Can I go to court? Can I ask for trial by jury? Do they send it overseas? Do they show it to governments?

Could I benefit from it more? Can I opt out?

The One Privacy™ will do what’s needed to minimize risk and damage. We even may try to fix it for you!

The One Consent™

1ConsentOur technologies are there to help you avoid uninformed excessively broad consenting and risk taking related to the following activities.

Are you about to consent to a medical procedure? Seeking for a financial advice but your advisor is a non-CPA and has no fiduciary duty to you? Do you really want to hire a lawyer to review the engagement agreement to hire a lawyer? About to sign-up for a scientific or medical study participation? Wish to enlist as an organ donor? They want you to sign an NDA? You agree to volunteer, but do not want to be voluntold?

The One Consent™ is your trusted personal assistant ready to serve you any minute 24/7.

The One Warranty™

1WarrantyAre you sure it is not expired? Is this case covered? Do I have insurance for this? Will they pay for shipping or is it on me? What if they refuse to fix it? What if I purchased it abroad? These and dozens of other questions about the conditions coming to you with your new purchase are answered, managed, monitored and taken care of by The One Warranty™.

more to come …

more to come...We are constantly working to perfect our existing solutions. We also periodically evaluate new possibilities to extend the scope of the moments in your life we want you to feel safe and confident about.